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Massage & Bodywork


What should I expect during my first massage visit?

Your massage therapist will require you to fill out a health history form. Afterwards the therapist will ask you general questions to establish what areas you would like worked on and if any conditions need to be addressed. Your therapist may perform certain assessments and testing to evaluate your condition so that they can better understand your complaints, if any.

What do I wear during the massage?

For a full body massage, most people undress completely. However, you may choose to wear underwear. Your therapist will give you privacy to undress to your level of comfort and instruct you to lie under the sheet and blanket, usually face down first. Your therapist will only uncover the area being worked and have you properly draped as to not expose unnecessary or inappropriate areas.

What do I do during the treatment?

Make yourself comfortable. The therapist will adjust your position as needed. Make sure to breathe deep and slow to help your body and mind relax. If you feel any discomfort or prefer the pressure to be more/less, communicate that with your therapist. Do not hesitate to ask any questions at any time.

Will the massage oils make me break out?

Most massage therapists use hypoallergenic massage oils or lotions. If you have sensitivity to certain types, please bring it to their attention or if you have your own that you would like them to use, feel free to bring with you.

How long will a massage last?

The average full body massage treatment last approximately one hour. A half-hour appointment only allows time for partial massage session, such as neck, shoulders, and back or legs and feet. Many people prefer 60-90 minute sessions for optimal relaxation and, if relevant to client, get rid of the knots and pain they have been feeling.

How will I feel after the massage therapy treatment?

Most feel people feel relaxed. Some experience freedom from longterm aches and pains developed from tension, repetitive activity or injury. After an initial period of feeling slowed down, people often experience increased energy, heightened awareness, and greater productivity that can last for days. Since toxins are released from your soft tissues during a massage, it is recommended you drink plenty of water before and after your session. If your session is a deep tissue, you may want to try an Epsom salt bath if you start to get a little sore. It can feel like your first day at the gym, but only lasts a day or two depending on how well you hydrate and do recommended stretches that your therapist may give you.

What do I need to do in the event that I need to cancel my appointment?

Please contact your therapist directly by calling or texting the office. Although you will receive a reminder text, any responses to that automated text will not be received by the therapist. 24 hours is preferred if possible, but even if it is last minute, please let the therapist know so that they are not waiting on you. If you No-Show No-call, you may be required to pay a $15 rescheduling fee that is to be paid at time of rescheduling.

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