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Therapeutic ARTS

Massage & Bodywork


Focus Massage

Refresh with this focused 30 minute therapeutic massage. Your therapist will work on a specific area of tension. For many people this is the shoulders, neck, and back. This is a great service if you are limited on time!

​ 30 min $40

Therapeutic Massage

There are several different types of therapeutic massage used by our therapists, such as: Deep Tissue, Myofascial Massage, Trigger Point Therapy , Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Massage, and Pre-Natal Massage. Your therapist will use a combination of techniques and pressure depending on what your body needs.

60min $65

90min $95

Extensive Therapeutic Bodywork

Sometimes the body needs extensive work that requires more time to allow the mind and muscle tissues to relax in order to get the desired results. This two hour session also allows enough time to get more advanced assessments done, if necessary, and also to slowly work through the muscle fibers to get best results. Great for those with injuries, scar tissue, and overly tight muscles. For those that have extremely high stress levels, this will definitely be a great choice for stress management!


Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones help melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness, and increase circulation to further increase therapeutic benefits of massage.


60min $75

90min $105

$75 - $105

Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT)

NKT is an assessment technique to find the root cause of a client's complaint by using certain protocols to determine which muscles are inhibited (underworking) and which are compensating (overworking) for them. Using this information, corrective exercise regimens can be created focusing on proper movement patterns and reprogram the motor control center in our brains where the patterns are stored.


NKT can be used to assess and treat variety of conditions. These include joint pain, neck or back pain, gait dysfunction, pre or post-surgical patients, TMJ, scars, and more...


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The Following Services Are Available Only From Judy Young: 
Please Contact Judy Directly By Phone or Email to Schedule.

Oleaslim Detoxifying Body Wrap

Detox and lose inches while relaxing in the Alpha Capsule! Alpha sessions include heat, aromatherapy, and vibratory massage.

1 session $95

6 sessions $475



Spa Facial


Professional exfoliation rids face of all bacteria, debris, and dead skin cells that be dulling the glow underneath.



Oxygen Infusion Treatments

$30 or a series of 6 for $150

These treatments infuse oxygen into the skin in order to rejuvenate aging skin by hydrating it and making it appear smoother and plumper.



LED Light Therapy

$30 or a series of 6 for $150

LED light therapy reduces inflammation within the tissues and helping accelerate the healing process. It is particularly useful for healing blemishes, repairing sun damage, fading scars, and improving overall skin tone.



Acne Treatment


Hight Frequency treatment helps treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decongest puffy eyes, and fade dark circles.  Galvanic Treatment are used to tone up muscles, promote blood circulation, increase cell metabolism, and activate enzymes. This treatment helps healing after surgical and non-surgical procedures and improves quality and firmness of skin.



Back Treatment


A soothing back facial treatment can eliminate back acne, back acne scars, and even out skin tone on the back.



Chemical Peels

Salicylic $85

Jessner $85

Glycolic $50

Collajam $95

Deep Sea ( price varies)





An hour treatment includes extractions, exfoliation, resurfacing, moisturizers, vitamin therapy, additional peeling if necessary. (6th microderm visit is free when series is completed in time frame specialist recommends) Customized treatments for every skin type




Note: Pricing varies according to frequency of visits and density of hair. Full body waxing is available for men and women

Eyebrows, sideburns $12-20

Chin, upper lip $12-20

Hairline, neckline $15-30

Arms $20-40

Chest, Back $30-60

Bikini area $30-50

Brazilian Bikini $60 & up

Underarms $15-30

Half leg (above knee and down) $30-40

Full leg (does not include bikini) $60-80



Body Systems

Cellulite Reduction - Infrared light therapy used in combination with muscular stimulation.

As an Introductory Special, try one session at the cost of a maintenance session ($75)

12 session Series $795

Maintenance session $75




Transion - Slimming and firming body treatment that gives quick and easy results without having to go to the gym.

Isogei - Firming and lifting, non-surgical face lift

10 session Series $750

Maintenance session $65



Note: Variety of products for all skin types are for sale through Judy

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