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Therapeutic ARTS

Massage & Bodywork

EveryBODY  loves therapeutic massage and we look forward to seeing you soon!
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Why Massage?

Massage therapy is more than just "rubbing on someone " and it definitely isn't something you should only do on a special occasion. Although you will feel relaxed for sure, the majority of my clients come to see me because they want to be set free from aches and pains. There is so much to know about our human anatomy and how it works and that is so fascinating to me. What's even more fascinating is that I have been blessed to learn techniques that promote the body to heal itself. My professional journey as a licensed massage therapist started in late and while the journey for success in any area of life is never perfect, if you truly believe in your passion, and keep feeding it positive seeds, you will be able to watch it grow!  I am beyond grateful that I am able to continue each year to deepen my knowledge and be able to use that knowledge to be a better healer of our community. Thank you to all who support me.

You know I love and appreciate you all ♡ ~ Hannah Boltz

"Setting the mind and body free through therapeutic arts"


We encourage you to explore all the healing benefits that massage and bodywork has to offer you!  Every client we encounter is special to us and our practice. We begin and end each session with a one-on-one conversation to determine your goals and explain ours. Water is highly encouraged and furnished with each session as a thank you to your health! Whether you are seeking pain relief during rehab or after an accident, looking for a professional therapist to assist you in preventative maintenance or just some rejuvenating relaxation, we have what you need! 

We know that skincare is important to you as well and Master Cosmetologist Judy Young, Owner of Silhouettes Day Spa, has been a great asset to TAMB with all of her expertise and character. Check out her bio page for more information about her and what amazing services she offers!

Setting your mind and body free

through therapeutic arts

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Therapeutic Arts
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