Hannah Boltz (Summersell), Owner and Massage Therapist

Helping others has always been my number one passion and I found my calling in massage therapy. I truly love being able to make a positive impact on others, especially when it comes to their health. I attended massage school at Blue Cliff Career College in 2008. Upon graduation, I mainly worked on friends and family until I took my national boards and was licensed in the states of Alabama and Louisiana. I worked at two day spas in Louisiana just to find that I was looking for more than just spa work and moved back to Mobile to open my own business. By the grace of God, I have been able to live my dream doing medical, sports, and therapeutic massage since November 2010. I am always pushing myself to learn more techniques to help keep the body in motion. I strive to 'set the mind and body free through therapeutic arts'.  

Natalia Larson - Be your own kind of beautiful

Natalia Larson, Alabama licensed  esthetician since 2010. My Initial training done in Russia prior to moving to the United States. Continuing education is done here in the US to promote my areas of specialities in acne treatments, rosacea-sensitive skin, facial uplifting massage, anti aging  treatments and also to stay on top of newest techniques so that my clients get the best treatment possible for their skin. I have been with Therapeutic Arts since 2013 and absolutely love being able to be such a positive aspect of my clients skin health! If you would like to book an appointment, you may check my availability under the Book Now tab or contact me at 251-635-6638. Thank you!  

Chris Miller - Setting the mind and body free through therapeutic arts.

My journey into the therapeutic arts began over 30 years ago. I started competitive wrestling in the early 80's in Ohio and pursued that through high school and college and then further on as a coach. After moving to Florida in the mid 90's, I discovered and fell in love with Aikido, a Japanese martial art. It was during this period that I began seeking out various therapies to help keep my body together after so many years of playing rough on the mats. Massage had a profound effect and the more I received, the more I learned. I was hooked. I enrolled in the Florida College of Natural Health in Orlando and soon discovered that while the learning process of studying massage was similar to what I enjoyed about practicing wrestling and Aikido, the healing and helping aspect was much more profound and fulfilling. It's been my full time ambition ever since. After moving to Alabama, I continued my education at Blue Cliff Career College. My personal goals are to collect all the teachers and mentors I can find, to never stop learning, and to share all I have to offer with as many people as I have the opportunity to help. If you would like to book an appointment, my schedule is available under the Book Now tab or feel free to contact me at 407-340-5042. Thank you!  

Valerii De Loach Relaxing the body, refreshing the mind, renewing the spirit through touch

My name is Valerii De Loach.  I am 38 years old, married with 3 children.  I love what I do and I enjoy helping others feel better and have relief from pain. I have been a licensed massage therapist for 10 years.  I am a Certified Sacrologist. I graduated from Blue Cliff Career College in Mobile, AL in 2006.  I received my license in October 2006.  I operated a mobile practice for about 6 months when I took a position at Mally's Salon in Mobile, AL.  I provided exceptional massage therapy for my clients while there for 3 years.  My needs at home changed and I wanted more time with my children.  I went back to a mobile practice for the next year.  I am currently self employed and I work 3-5 days per week. I provided massage therapy services at the Hearin-Chandler YMCA in Mobile, AL for 5 years.  I am now located in Therapeutic Arts Massage and Bodywork as an independent contractor. Please contact the office to book an appointment and let them know that you saw my listing here. Thanks!  

Angela Zinck

I have been doing massage since 2008 and have been blessed to be part of two wonderful businesses in that time as well as being an independent contractor. First was with my sister at Momentum Massage in Midtown and then here at Therapeutic Arts Massage and Bodywork. I am a single mom of two amazing children that have a love for sports just as I did. I am currently working as an independent so that I am able to balance being the best therapist I can to my clients and still be able to be active with my children. Please call the office to book an appointment and let them know that you saw my listing here! I look forward to being able to set you free of aches and pains! Thank you! Office number is 251-289-0121. Must leave voicemail or text to get a return call. Email is management@therapeuticartsmassage.com